Why would you fall in love with vHirePro


Post your job requirements to major job portals and social media platforms in a single click.


vHirePro will parse every resume that you upload. Screen & score the candidates based on parameters you set.


vHirePro collects everything you need in one place, including notes from internal team & clients - makes it a perfect tool for coordination.

Cloud based access

In 15 mins from now you can have vHirePro work for your company. No installation. No software, hardware or servers required.


vHirePro is designed in a way thats predictive and intuitive. If you can check your mail you can use vHirePro.


Access your data and process from anywhere, anytime. vHirePro is completely online and is absolutely tab and mobile friendly.

Structure your recruitment process

  • Create Custom Questionnaire
  • Set Knock-Out Parameters
  • Powerful Scoring Mechanism - allows you to automatically filter unwanted CVs
  • Create Workflow Rules & Triggers - automate delegation

Your company's hiring requirement are unique, so is the workflow of vHirePro. Create a multiple sets of status according to your recruitment process and track candidates as they flow through the stages of your hiring funnel. You can create tasks, send emails or schedule interview automatically based on your status setting. Use an email template to notify specified candidates, or internal team members when a workflow is changed

Atomize your recruiting

  • Browse resumes in your secure online candidate database
  • Access notes, documents, feedback and communication online
  • Send bulk emails and schedule interviews

Clear the clutter and make yourself available for more productive work. Bid a bye to old fashioned way of recruiting. Sort, store and search candidates without missing a single potential applicant again.

Cherry pick candidates from thousands of resumes

  • Boolean search

Find the right match within all the skills and skills sets received within one single click of a button. vHirePro enables you to sift through thousands of resumes bases on various criteria that helps you to select the right talent.

Gather resumes from various sources

  • Post your jobs and attract candidates browser and even outlook

Get talking with various job aggregators and portals that help you enhance your database of talent. Create cross connections and communicate from a single dashboard.

Atomize your communication with candidates & internal teams

  • Powerful interview scheduling tool
  • Send bulk yet personalized emails - standardize your communication
  • Send attachment on email that lands in inbox
  • Use system tags to automatically reply candidates on a personal basis

Get omnipresent with candidates by mass replying them on a one to one basis; getting rid of the typical recruitment black-hole-effect.


  • Set unlimited questions and set time for each question to be answered by the candidate
  • Get behind the science and grab every emotions and facial expressions while on his way to create the right videos.

Maximize the output by welcoming candidates anytime of the day to deposit their video resume; that include specific answers you may want to ask. Right from your website's career page VideoMize your candidate screening process and receive 24X7 candidates. Just like a virtual walking in system.

Company > Candidate > Connect

vHirePro helps us announce & receive resumes like never before. Smart, fast and simple are three words we would choose to describe the software.

(Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies)

Its easy to use and understand. vHirePro has streamlined our pre-recruitment and evened out the areas where it bothered the most. Now all we have to do it click.

Orbis School

No big talks, no tall claims, a simple answer for a complex question. We are delighted to use vHirePro new version which has a load of features we didn't know could exist.

Kohinoor Hospitals