The Problem

We are the business since last 14 years. Running business in the field of software development and UI-UX design. Each of us faced a common problem…..“RECRUITING” and an even bigger problem “Re-RECRUITING”.

A part of the solution: We have not estimated the power of our own website's careers page – we are all so busy looking at the database from job portals that we overlook the potential that can be harnessed from our own web site.

Upon looking further we realized that this issue exists for SME to any and all large corporation. While on our research and development, we teamed up with domain experts in HR and finance field, who are passionate about creating a solution that caters to this lacuna.

The Solution

Two years of research and software development. Total dedication and complete focus on resolving the one common problem of RECRUITMENT …. We created a extremely simple and easy to use yet dynamic Applicant Tracking System called vHirePro.

Simply plug vHirePro into your website. It is integrated with major job portals and job boards. Begin your talent hunt right from your own dashboard.

The Truth

We are using the system ourselves first-hand and have recruited nearly 75% of our team through the same. We realize that the talent who applies through our own careers page is much more sincere, keen and focused, as they know who they have applied to and are sure of what they expect.

Announcing job openings, filtering the right candidate now takes very little time. Saves a lot of effort as against what we use to face before installing the system.

We also have a fresh database of candidates at our disposal at any given point of time. Recruiting companies and also various job aggregators have begun posting their cv’s though our careers page hence we very clearly know the source as well.

Solution that’s truly an outcome of a need based situation and that's based on a true story. vHirePro.

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