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Monthly Price



$25 per month
100 Applications per month

Free until your next budget


$99 per month

Unlimited Applications
7 GB per user

Premium Features

Bespoke Software Programming

Need custom plans or a customized career portal ? Get in touch with friendly pre-sales consultant.

Annual discount

Annual plans are billed up front and include 12 months for the price of 10.

FAQ - which helps you choose

You may choose to use any mode you may want - just that an annal plan includes a 10% on the total.
You may choose to install vHirePro anytime of the year. So that your choice is not restricted to budget allocations. We agree to install the software until your next budget approval or the first three months.
With the free version you can post upto 3 jobs and view upto 25 candidates with one master user facility. Paid version has no restrictions on the posting of the jobs and viewing of the candidates. You may choose the users and server space required as per plan.
Should you required tailor made solutions in the existing software, specific to your needs. We will have to customers the plan and programs for which the charges would need to be discussed upon.

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vHirePro help us announce and receive resumes like never before. Smart, Fast and Simple are three words we would choose to describe the software.

(Narsee Mohanji Institute of Management Studies)

Its easy to use and understand. vHirePro has streamlined our pre-recruitment and evened out the areas where it bothered the most. Now all we have to do it click.

Orbis School

No big talks, no tall claims, a simple answer for a complex question. We are delighted to use vHirePro new version which has a load of features we didn't know could exist.

Kohinoor Hospitals